Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cherries Pendant

I sketched out this design first on a piece of paper, then created the frame with one continuous length of sterling silver wire similar to the 'Satin Flower Pendant'. The wire was a little more difficult to handle this time, but once I started coiling (particularly the stems), the piece began to take shape nicely! The cherries and leaves were 'filled in' with seed beads and cherry-red murano glass, the effect is almost like embroidery. The murano glass is gorgeous, the colour is quite vibrant and the cherries really sparkle! I'm so pleased with how this turned out I already have more ideas.... watch this space!

Wire-wrapped Garnet & Citrine Earrings

These earrings are quite delicate -looking and feminine, mostly lots of shiny silver with a little bit of subtle colour! I've wrapped across the teardrop shaped frame with very fine sterling wire and then added tiny faceted garnet and citrine briolettes. Along the bottom of the frame I've coiled some sterling silver beads to create a lacy border.

The wrapping at the top of the frames, like the flower pendant I've made previously, has a 'satiny' sheen when the light catches it that is so hard to capture on a photo!

Oxidised Jewellery

This is the first time I've oxidised any of my silver jewellery, so I've used the 'boiled egg' method as I didn't have any Liver of Sulphur. I put the pieces into a plastic bag with a (hot!) chopped up hard-boiled egg, and waited just over an hour to get the effect I wanted. I'm quite pleased with the result - after giving them a good rinse and then a polish to highlight the detail in the wirework. I'm still not entirely sure which I prefer, but it's interesting to see the difference the oxidisation makes!

Herringbone Wrap Bracelet and Earrings

I'm quite new to the herringbone wrap but I was quite pleased with how these turned out, I still need lots of practice! I've used faceted red agate and oval-shaped hematine beads, sterling silver wire of course! In between the beads a simple 'knot' from three interlocked jump rings, I've also made the S-shaped clasp with coiled wire and a silver Bali bead. I usually prefer my silver bright and shiny - but for some reason I had the urge to oxidise these pieces - so in the next post I'll be showing the results!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tourmaline Pendant

I was so looking forward to receiving these polished tourmaline button beads - and I wasn't disappointed, the colours are stunning! My new favourite gemstone I think....

This pendant didn't quite turn out how I'd originally planned - the bottom section where the tourmalines are ended up smaller than I wanted, but I'm still pleased with the result - the citrine is very subtle and doesn't fight with the other stones! I've also coiled around the frame with sterling wire and tiny silver beads.

Carnelian Drop Earrings

More geometric shapes... this time a diamond frame coiled with sterling wire and tiny silver beads.

The drops on these are pretty faceted carnelian briolettes, I was so pleased with the colour of these when I got them - they're a wonderful rich brick-red. I'm half tempted to oxidise these.. maybe I'll make something similar and give it a go!

Amethyst Earrings

These are simple geometric earrings with a square frame that I have coiled round with glass seed beads and sterling wire. The drops are gorgeous little faceted amethyst beads.

These look much prettier in real life I think, the seed beads have a violet-blue colour to them which really lights up the silver coiling.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watermelon Cocktail Pendant

Summer's finally arrived here - and I love this combination of fruity tropical colours. The faceted drops in the centre are carnelian in a gorgeous mandarin orange, and the frames have been hand-formed and coiled with metres of sterling wire, seed beads and red onyx.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fire Agate Pendant

Real 'fire agate' is found mainly in places such as Arizona and Mexico, is relatively rare and has a spectrum of colours running through it similar to an opal. The stone in this pendant is also commonly known as fire agate, but is actually carnelian that has been heat-treated to produce the distinctive pattern that can be seen on this bead. That having been said, it's still a very pretty gemstone in its own right!

I've coiled around the frame of this handcrafted pendant with sterling wire and silver-lined salmon coloured glass seed beads to bring out the warm orange tones in the fire agate.


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