Thursday, July 19, 2007

Garnet and Citrine Pendant

When I made the garnet and citrine earrings, someone suggested that they would make a nice pendant - so here it is!

As usual, I first shaped and hammered the wire frame, then I wrapped across the top part of the pendant with very fine wire, I included some sterling silver beads to add interest. The little faceted drops are garnet and citrine. The bottom part of the pendant was then coiled with sterling wire and beads to form the lacy 'picot' edge.

Tourmaline Drop Pendant

This pendant has been made by shaping one continuous length of wire, with wrapping in between the circles. I've then decorated the circles using tourmaline (again, sorry!), sterling silver beads, seed beads, and a freshwater coin pearl (a happy coincidence that the top circle was just the right size for the pearl!).

This was one of those occasions where I thought of the frame shape first, then decided how to finish it afterwards! I have a couple of frames ready and waiting for me to decorate them at the moment... sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to do on a piece and other times I have to wait for inspiration!

Diamond-Shaped Crystal Pendant

This pendant consists of a simple wrapped diamond -shaped frame, shaped and hammered, then coiled with tiny sterling silver beads and bicone crystals.

I love this colour - it reminds me of blue cornflowers, it's the light sapphire shade Swarovski crystal. I've used a few on the chain too to add some interest.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tourmaline Chain Earrings

More tourmaline! I'm waiting for a parcel of goodies at the moment so that I can make some new pieces, but in the meantime I'm still using up my gorgeous little tourmaline beads.

In these earrings I've used 8mm closed jump rings, coiled them with fine sterling wire, and added a couple of polished tourmaline buttons to each one. At the last minute I decided to use the little twisted jump rings in between - I quite like the effect, they go nicely with the coiled ones.

Banded Agate Necklace

I love this red banded agate, I know it's not very summery and is probably more an autumn shade, but here in the UK we're not having much of a summer to speak of!

Gorgeous polished agate rectangle bead with faceted red agate and bali silver (round beads and the little bead caps), with oval-linked sterling silver chain.

Swarovski Drop Earrings

Some quick little wire-wrapped earrings - these are fan-shaped frames coiled with sterling silver wire and tiny slate-grey coloured seed beads. I've attached a faceted Swarovski crystal drop for some added sparkle. I always have problems photographing crystal, especially any with an AB coating - these look different colours! If anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful.... :-)


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