Monday, June 23, 2008

Ivy Leaf Project

Remember this? Originally made for a challenge on the UK Beaders forum, I was asked if I would submit a project for this beaded wire pendant to Step by Step Jewelry Magazine.

Check out the current Summer Preview 2008 issue - step by step photos and instructions to make your own variegated ivy leaf pendant! I'd especially love to see what other designs anyone comes up with, based on this tutorial - do email pics to me :-)



Congratulations Maz on getting your project published.
PS Love the lemon merengue
xx Chris

Yazmin said...

As I was browsing the mags at Barnes and Nobles, I saw it on the cover then caught your name and was like "Hey! I know her!" So congratulations on getting published! I hope plenty of people come back with interpretations. Would love to see the pictures. :)

Judy said...

Just stopping in to say Hi! Love the ivy leaf piece. Congrats on you "publishment" (smile). Plan to stop by often!


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