Friday, June 27, 2008

Lemon Merengue

That's merengue the dance, not lemon meringue... (a play on words, I'm not really that bad at spelling!).

Phew... not especially difficult these ones, once I'd worked out how I was going to do them, but quite simply a lot of careful coiling and wrapping several times to get the effect I wanted!

Gorgeous sunshine yellow citrine, with lemon quartz and freshwater pearls. How fab would these look with a suntan?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orange Grove Earrings

Something fresh! The simple, but very effective weave round the soldered circle makes a really pretty, lacy frame for these summery gemstones!

I've added clusters of vibrant faceted sunstone that has a gorgeous iridescent shimmer, leafy green peridot and faceted vesuvianite drops.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sapphire Heart Pendant

Similar to the ruby heart pendant I made before, this time I've used tiny Hill Tribe tube beads to 'fill' the heart shape. I love these sapphire beads - they're a gorgeous denim blue colour and look great with the shiny silver.

I've added some along the chain too, and a cluster near the toggle clasp. The heart itself has a surprising amount of weight to it with all the beads and silver wire!

Click on the photo for a much larger image and more detail! :-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ivy Leaf Project

Remember this? Originally made for a challenge on the UK Beaders forum, I was asked if I would submit a project for this beaded wire pendant to Step by Step Jewelry Magazine.

Check out the current Summer Preview 2008 issue - step by step photos and instructions to make your own variegated ivy leaf pendant! I'd especially love to see what other designs anyone comes up with, based on this tutorial - do email pics to me :-)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brandywine Bracelet

I seem to have lots of ideas for bracelets at the moment - which makes a change! The focal came first with this - soldered and wrapped wire inside a diamond shaped frame, coiled with fine gauge sterling wire. I've added some tiny brandy-coloured garnet briolettes, hessonite garnet, and gold filled beads. I've framed the focal with clusters of faceted hessonite garnet on hand made fine silver head pins.

For the bracelet itself I've used some lovely hessonite garnet ovals in lots of caramel colours, linked together with some hand made hammered circles.

Click on the image for a close-up ;-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Sunset

The summer weather is still a little uncertain here just yet... it's GOT to be better than last year's miserable effort, surely??

Still... a little consolation - how inspiring is this! Amazing colours - I took this from my workroom window a couple of weeks ago. I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset, a rainbow, thunder clouds and snow. I used to get into trouble for gazing out of the window at school... not much has changed! ;-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pistachio Necklace

I've had a break from wire wrapping and coiling recently, very busy with other commitments! But finally I have one or two pieces to show, and hopefully more on the way ;-)
The focal on this necklace is quite detailed - I've soldered and wrapped the wire shapes, then embellished with tiny faceted peridot briolettes, prehnite, and silver beads. Lots of coiling, but the result was worth it!
I've added a tassel of wire-wrapped prehnite beads and a Hill Tribe 'lotus' bead, also a little cluster of prehnite and peridot near the clasp.


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