Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Snowdrops

I always seem to have huge problems photographing anything with a lot of shiny silver - these in particular were incredibly frustrating! I started these a while ago, I have quite a few unfinished projects that I'm determined this year to complete.

I wrapped a fine silver 'art nouveau' style motif to the coiled wire frames, with peridot briolettes, and fine trace chain drops with tiny seed pearls, and vibrant green chrome diopside. Very shimmery and glamorous!



Wow Maz you never cease to amaze with your creations - stunning as ever!
xx chris

Janice said...

These are bleeping gorgeous!!!! :)


Maz Simpson said...

Thank you Chris and Janice! I am very fond of these :)

Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

I see you've been creating up a storm Maz, beautiful pieces as always :)
I really like your "Winter Snowdrops" earrings. How long are they? If you don't mind me asking. They look like they could be shoulder dusters ;) I love danglie earrings.
Keep creating!
Melissa M


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