Tuesday, September 01, 2009

How do you doodle?

I love reading books on creativity, although I don't seem to have a problem with finding creative ideas just lately - more an inability to stick to one thing at a time!

I've been reminded in many of these books about how a child will pick up a crayon and just draw, without any hang-ups or worries about ' what shall i draw', 'will it be good enough', and the dreaded 'blank page' syndrome many of us seem to suffer from!

So, I decided to start doodling again - something I used to do a lot, usually on scraps of paper or notebooks whilst on the phone. It's a great way to get the ideas flooding!

Inspired by browsing through my Arts & Crafts/William Morris books, I've drawn this tile using a black ink pen, and then watercolours - felt very strange to have a paintbrush in my hand, it's been a long time - but great fun! So much so, I started another - so the second one is work in progress!


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Beautiful doodles and it's great to find out where your inspiration comes from for the lovely shapes you create with your cut out silver pieces. I am also a fan of William Morris and you have definitely captured something of his work in your doodles.
Keep creating, your jewellery is fab.
Kristin :)

Carolina said...

These doodles are beautiful,I love the shapes/floral patterns and the way its all contained within the tiles borders to create beautiful finished pieces :)

Maz Simpson said...

Thank you Kristen and Carolina! I had lots of fun doing these :)


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