Friday, May 04, 2007

First Post - Lots of Photos!

I first started making jewellery in my early teens (back in the eighties, how scary is that?!!). Since then I've dabbled with many different crafts such as pressed and dried flowers, embroidery, painting, candle-making, handmade toiletries, glass painting - before finally re-discovering jewellery making again 2 years ago!

Many things have changed of course, not least the huge choice of beads and findings that are now readily available, but also in terms of the new techniques such as those using polymer clay, precious metal clays, wireworking and beadweaving to name but a few!

The photos shown here are my most recent pieces - at the moment I'm having a lot of fun with wire and coiling, a very time-consuming technique but produces beautiful (I think!) results and is really firing up my imagination right now!

(The picture shown above is a jasper pendant with mother of pearl, cherry quartz, and glass seed beads, all coiled with sterling silver wire).

Amazonite earrings made with sterling silver wire, with freshwater pearls and glass seed beads:

Earrings with freshwater coin pearls, apatite drops and glass seed beads - hand-coiled with sterling silver wire:

Bermuda Blue Swarovski crystal heart earrings, hand-coiled with sterling silver wire and glass seed beads:

Rhodonite and fossil jasper earrings with hand-coiled sterling silver wire and glass seed beads:

Amazonite Earrings with glass seed beads:

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