Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Peach Moonstone Earrings

I love this peach moonstone - the colour is so fruity! Orange is 'in' apparently - sheer coincidence - I just fell in love with these beads as soon as I saw them!

I've patiently coiled the frames as usual with very fine gauge sterling wire, adding lots of tiny faceted Hill Tribe silver beads and faceted moonstone - very shiny, sparkly and pretty little earrings!


Gemheaven said...

Gorgeous as always Maz - for goodness sake don't look at my sad attempt at wire wrapping lol luckily my freind likes them ;0)

Beverley Wainwright said...

OMG I am inlove with your earrings they are fab and the wrapping blooming heck I have never seen anything as neat in all my life and believe me I am as anal as they get!!

Love bev xxx

Beverley Wainwright said...

OOPs didnt mean that to sound bad!! Sorry Maz the pun was meant for mw!!

Love bev xxx


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