Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hot Spice - Oxidised Earrings

I agonised over these earrings, trying to add beads to the centre, changing my mind - unraveling lots of wire in the process! I finally realised that what I'd actually liked about these was the shapes and the swirls - where I was going wrong was in trying to cover them up!

So, some very fine coiling around the top and bottom with tiny faceted Hill Tribe beads, and dangles of rich spicy garnet beads and faceted marquise drops. I have then oxidised and spent lots of time polishing, buffing and burnishing for a soft antique effect!

These should be up on my website and Etsy shortly, so you can check out more pics!


Alison's Bakery said...

Blimey Maz, you've been busy! All gorgeous as ever, but think my faves are the garnet one's. I've just set up my own blog can I add you to my links please?

Gemheaven said...

Beautiful Maz as always!

Nia said...

I might have guessed Alison would plump for the garnets! Maz they are all so lovely, I just don't know how you keep doing it!

Coburg Crafts said...

Just beautiful, Maz.


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