Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feeding the family...

Chris and I were busy digging over one of our vegetable patches this weekend ready for planting - someone else with a family to feed it seems is this blackbird, who decided to make the most of some freshly-turned soil to grab some juicy worms!

He kept coming back for more - we were so amazed at how close he came to us, in the end I fetched my camera and we spent more time watching him than doing any work!

Now the weather has beaten us... so we'll have to wait till later in the week to get the broccoli and sprouts planted :)

Back to the wire and beads!

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Delia Stone said...

Hi Maz :)
Long time no chat. It's Delia. Just popping in to check out your eye candy.

We're growing corn, bananna melons, pumpkins and squash presently. We've discussed adding some beans at the base of the corn stalks now that they're well formed.

We spend more time shooing birds (and dogs) out of the garden than we spend weeding. lol We did discover a cheap trick to keep the birds out finally, we took the cord (one of the curly ones) off of an old telephone and coiled it up in the garden like a snake. Haven't seen a bird brave enough yet! lol

I have a new blog over on wordpress now. It's www.deliastonesstudio.wordpress.com. Come check it out if you get a chance. It's waaaay better than blogger .. and I can feed all of my old blogger content into it. I am adding the link to your blogger blog on my wordpress site. Take care and stay creative!

All the best,


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