Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuchsia Earrings

These were fun! Another idea I've been meaning to put together for a while. The top 'sepals' I made by making and soldering wire frames, wrapping with fine gauge wire, then shaped them over the large rose Swarovski crystals.

The 'stamens' are some more fine silver headpins (I need to buy some more wire and make more now!)

There are some more pictures of these on the website :)

Mossy Glade - Vesuvianite Earrings

I'm struggling with a nasty cold at the moment and not feeling particularly creative, so I'm catching up on posting a couple of pieces I did last week!

The textured fine silver circles on these earrings are some I made with PMC a while ago, when I made the green amethyst cluster earrings.

This is the first time I've used vesuvianite - the gorgeous mossy green faceted drops on the bottom of the dangles. I've picked out some tourmaline buttons for the clusters, I love these colours - I think they all work really well together! I also made the fine silver headpins too - great fun, wish I'd known before how easy they were going to be :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Forget-Me-Nots - Sapphire and Pearl Bracelet

I decided that this year I would try to diversify a little and do some different pieces, rather than just earrings! This is quite a simple piece design-wise - but involved many, many hours of patient coiling and wrapping!!

I made the links with sterling wire, soldered together, then coiled with fine wire and wrapped again with tiny peacock freshwater pearls. I attached chain in between the links with more wrapping, then added clusters of peacock pearls, white Swarovski pearls, and gorgeous faceted sapphires.

I have forget-me-nots growing wild in my garden that keep self-seeding each year, I'm never quite sure where they're going to turn up! I'm hoping this piece has the same humble charm :-)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hot Spice - Oxidised Earrings

I agonised over these earrings, trying to add beads to the centre, changing my mind - unraveling lots of wire in the process! I finally realised that what I'd actually liked about these was the shapes and the swirls - where I was going wrong was in trying to cover them up!

So, some very fine coiling around the top and bottom with tiny faceted Hill Tribe beads, and dangles of rich spicy garnet beads and faceted marquise drops. I have then oxidised and spent lots of time polishing, buffing and burnishing for a soft antique effect!

These should be up on my website and Etsy shortly, so you can check out more pics!

Whispers - Chalcedony and Pink Topaz

I love the shape of these, I made circles first, then gently shaped them into ovals. Some of the swirls in between are soldered, others wrapped. I much prefer the stability and strength I get from soldering now!

I coiled around the frame, adding tiny faceted Hill Tribe beads and faceted pink topaz in a lovely sugary pink. The pink chalcedony I have used before, they change colour from pale rose to lavender depending on the light. I will definitely be re-ordering these!

Vintage Rose Earrings

I've soldered individual heart shapes together to make the top component on these earrings. I then wrapped the centre with tiny goldfilled beads and added a pink freshwater pearl.

The cloisonne beads caught my eye while I was shopping for something else... they go perfectly with the pinky shades and the goldfilled beads. I've added a very full cluster of wrapped freshwater pearls and a faceted rose quartz briolette at the bottom.

Thank you Jo and Lesley!!

Much belated... but thank you to Jo and Lesley for the 'Make my Day' award! I am playing catch up today... but will be nominating my own shortly, so watch this space! Thanks again :D


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