Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas is coming!

I must admit, I do love Christmas - I am counting the days down to December 1st which is the earliest I have allowed myself to start decorating the house! A couple of years ago we bought a really nice quality artificial tree which looks almost real - it's the biggest size we could squeeze into our cosy lounge, I really regret having to take it down in the New Year! We also have a small real tree in the dining room - can't beat the smell of fresh pine, luckily it's a laminate floor so we don't have a problem with the needles other than having to sweep up several times a day :)

I'm busy making stock for the shops again - my workbench is a mass of pearls and sparkly crystals at the moment! I'm looking forward to a break to have a play with the wire - I have lots of sketches dotted around but never seem to find the time to create. I just don't know where this last year has gone!


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Beautiful earrings and bracelet. Sounds like you're getting excited about Christmas - I find decorating the house never goes quite how it used to as my kids take over and don't seem to understand the terms 'colour co-ordination' or 'less is more' - our tree ends up a mass of colour and every bauble from the box (must remember to take some out this year!)
Good luck with your Christmas sales.
Kristin :)

Maz Simpson said...

Hi Kristin! Thank you :)

Yes I'm lucky to get the tree to myself now as my youngest is a teenager, but I remember it well! I've always been the one who's most excited though, I'm still awake before anyone else on Christmas morning :D

Good luck with your sales too, and have a great Christmas! Maz x


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