Thursday, November 12, 2009

Room With A View

My workshop window (aka the once 'spare' room) overlooks our extension roof, and the backs of other people's houses. Not the best view in the world! The window itself is very small, and although I sit right next to it the amount of natural light is minimal so I have a daylight bulb too, or I would never be able to wrap tiny wires! I'm eventually hoping to move into a studio in the garden, maybe next year if I can get things moving! Watch this space...

However, whilst the view itself isn't always inspiring, here in the UK of course we get bombarded with all kinds of weather conditions - never too much of anything (including sun in the summer, unfortunately!), but it's always changing, and from my little window I'm usually the first to spot the first flake of snow, or an approaching storm. My school reports were always full of 'spends too much time gazing out of the window'. Guess nothing much has changed then! ;o)



That is so cool :-)

Maz Simpson said...

Thanks Chris, you can see what I spend most of my day x


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