Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Postcards

Just a quick one today to introduce a new Etsy shop selling vintage postcards and photographs. - this one indulges my passion for history and antiques! You can check it out here - Sitting Pretty :)

I've been so busy just lately - we've been doing some alterations and redecorating in our lounge, I meant to take a photo of the lovely Victorian tiles in front of the now disused fireplace but forgot! They were a faded inky blue/white in colour with a floral pattern - oh well, next time! We've left them 'in situ' as most were damaged sadly, but they are nicely protected underneath the flooring. It's mostly finished now, just a few little odds and ends to do :)

I'm also trying to catch up with orders this week, and of course the bridal season is now well under way! As well as revamping the lounge, I've not been well the last couple of weeks, so I'm slowly trying to get through the backlog of paperwork, housework, you name it! New jewellery soon, I promise... :)


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the vintage cards in your shop. The old fashions are so beautiful!

Maz Simpson said...

Thank you Val! I was really pleased with these finds :)


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